May 9, 2014



Wheat Grass Juice in Casa de la VIda

When in a conversation I happen to mention wheat grass juice I find that most people have not heard of it and have no idea what it is. Others just laugh at such a strange idea as to drink a ‘grass‘ juice. After all isn’t grass just for animals? People eat ‘real’ food. Yet wheat grass has been and is being used by more and more people that are aware of it’s amazing properties and it‘s popularity is growing all the time. I discovered wheat grass juice when visiting L.A many years back. California being in the forefront of alternative medicine and therapies, had many juice bars and w/grass was a regular item. I became hooked and wanted to find out more about it. There is now much more information available than at that time and a lot more research and tests have been done into it’s therapeutic and nutritional properties. Also many holistic lifestyle resorts dedicated to healing and regeneration/rejuvenation are using wheat grass as a major part of their program alongside fresh fruits and vegetables. Wheat grass can truly be called a nutritional and healing miracle as it contains in abundance all that is needed not only to sustain life, but to detoxify, heal and regenerate the organism .So what is wheat grass?

It’s the young shoots or blades of grass grown from wheat berries and can either be taken as freshly squeezed juice, or in form of dehydrated powder or in tablets. The fresh juice comes   from a grass grown in trays, either commercially or at home. Powder and tablet form is grown as wild grass on fields. There are many companies like Green Magma, Green Kamut, Kyo-Green now specializing in supplying this form of grass to the public. Whereas the powder form is very convenient and easy to take, the fresh juice can not be substituted for it’s potency and value. I myself take both forms, fresh and as a powder added to juice. What is it about grass that makes it so superior from all other natural foods? For one, it is a real power house of nutrients: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fiber, protein and chlorophyl -a substance that gives grass it’s potency and it’s amazing cleansing/healing/regenerating qualities. Chlorophyl is a result of photo-synthesis that converts sunlight directly into energy and gives plants their dark green colour. Only green plants can convert sunlight directly into energy and store it, thus enabling humans to exist at all. Chlorophyl is really a captured sunlight energy that is alive and miraculous. Another reason to start eating fresh green vegetables…..

Grasses have been a part of our planet long time before humans arrived and we have been consuming grass and grains , the “fruit” of the grass ever since. Wheat, barley, oats, corn, rice, millet, all cereals come from grass. Sowing grains you get grass. Without plants humanity will cease to exist. Without photosynthesis we will have no air to breathe, and no food to eat. There will be no life. We are all in the same ecosystem interdependent on each other. Humanity and plants live in a symbiotic relationship, where we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, plants act in reverse, thus keeping the atmosphere oxygenated all the time. Yet we keep on destroying the Amazon, called the Lungs of the Earth, together with other forests for short term profits not caring about the effects on the ecosystem that includes all of humanity, the future generations and all of other species.

Most of us are by now fully aware of the visible changes in our climate that is being felt globally .So what has this to do with w/grass and how can it help?

Wheat grass has many uses and is the nature’s answer to many of man made problems. We are suffering from many diseases that are on the increase rather than decrease despite of billions being spent on health, research, new medicines. Heart disease, diabetes, all forms of cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, allergies and asthma, the list goes on. And let’s not forget the huge rise in the obesity among the general population and the very young. Our immune systems are being attacked by new viruses and bacteria. Aids/HIV virus, mad cow disease, the deadly bird flu to mention just a few of the current diseases. We live in cities where the air is polluted from too many car exhaust fumes, industrial pollution and toxic chemicals that constitute our everyday life. The water is polluted by too many chemicals and wastes resulting in excess acidity that is harmful to us. Food is contaminated by too many preservatives and additives, pesticides and other chemicals. Sounds pretty depressing and most people don’t even want to think about it. We live in a contaminated world and it seems that there is not much that we can do about it. And this where wheat grass can be one of the solutions to the problems of modern life , pollution and disease. As mentioned earlier w/grass is a nutritional miracle. Fresh w/grass juice is a liquid sunshine transformed into nutritive energy charged with electric current necessary to revitalize the body. It has over 20 amino acids, both essential and non-essential. It has a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, being especially high in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, as well as trace minerals zinc and selenium all of which are most important for heart and immunity. W/grass contains the whole spectrum of B-vitamins, biotin, folic acid, panthotenic acid, choline (lecithin) and a vegetable source of B-12 .The protein it contains is in the form of polypeptides, a simple forms of amino-acids that makes assimilation faster and easier. Animals get their protein direct from grass, meat is only a secondary form that is much harder to digest and assimilate by the human body. Protein from w/grass is a far superior form than from meat.   More importantly w/grass contains enzymes, over 80 have been identified so far. Enzymes are necessary for life, for without them life could not exist. They are life energy itself. They detoxify harmful substances and participate in thousands of chemical changes in the body and are especially important to the process of blood cleansing. Since the juice comes from fresh grass only, we benefit from all it’s active enzymes that can detoxify and regenerate our blood, tissues and organs. A most important function of w/gras where it concerns pollution outside and inside of us, is that it chelates and removes heavy metals like lead ,cadmium and mercury from our bodies, neutralizes toxins, alkalinizes blood, improves digestion, increases hemoglobin production thus helping anemia, reduces high blood pressure. The juice is very quickly and easily assimilated and it has a powerfully stimulating effect on the immune system because of it’s blood purification, liver detoxification and colon cleansing. Another very important factor is that wheat grass helps cancer patients. Apart from al the above mentioned benefits, the juice contains liquid oxygen and cancer cells cannot exist in the presence of oxygen, it also contains formidable anti-cancer agents, one of them being abscisic acid that helps to destroy tumours. Wheat grass has been used successfully to aid cancer patients worldwide. The list of benefits is long and there is not enough space to be able to list them all. At a small cost and no toxic effect whatsoever we can detoxify, heal, nourish, regenerate and rejuvenate our body all at the same time. No one has ever died from drinking w/grass, only from not drinking it.Wheat grass is very easy to grow at home in trays but needs a juicer especially adapted for juicing the fibrous blades. I grow my own wheat grass and take the juice every morning to make sure that I supply my body with nutrients in their most natural form. It takes only a minute but it gives me a lifetime of health and vitality.

The only wealth is our health. Wheat grass is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to keep our body clean, nourished and working in the best way possible.