The a perfect little wellness sanctuary

What an absolute delight to spend 9 days with the wondrously witty, wise and inherently nurturing Anosha, at her beautiful home in peaceful, vibrant Tepoztlan. The detox was exactly what I needed. Im not new to this kind of intensive cleanse, but this version is executed under Anoshas’ watchful eye, very gently and mindfully. We were never hungry, always inspired, and, so well cared for every step of the way. The walks through the neighboring forest each morning were breathtaking, and my fellow detoxers were the best company. Anosha and Angelica were available whenever needed and also left us to rest and process at the perfect times. And don’t get me started about the food they prepared when it was time. I’m still dreaming about it!! Thank you so much for taking such good care of us.



“House of Life indeed!

Anosha is not only a great and professional host but an amazing and wise health coach and spiritual guide.

I can attest to the above after an 11-day water fast (plus the adjustment period necessary for breaking the fast) at Casa de la Vida.

The property itself, its location, and services rendered therein are perfect for such a valuable experience. Probably not any other place in the whole country offers this!

Many thanks again to Anosha, Angélica & the rest of Casa de la Vida’s team and selected service providers!”

– Rodrigo, Mexico


“I highly recommend staying with Anosha if you’re feeling the same call that I did.

I felt like I was visiting my very wise older sister. You get into the rhythm there and by the time it’s over your heart is full, you’ve found your missing pieces, you feel wonderful, peaceful and full of gratitude for these women. I was deeply inspired here to move forward in the most authentic way. Anosha described her place as a kind of launching pad and that’s exactly why I was drawn there. I hope to see you all soon. Besos!”

– Sabra Laval


“Anosha is getting better and better…” — Elixir de la Vida Detox Retreat

“I promised myself Round #2 this year, and May saw twenty-five days with Anosha. Fifteen days of hardcore detox, some excellent hiking, some very grumpy and sick days, all supervised by one unrelenting Anosha, and I walk away another ten years younger. Well, maybe not quite, but certainly another 10kg lighter and whole lot healthier.

If you have thought about doing something about your health, mobility, mood, snoring, panting, blood pressure etc, THIS IS IT! If you haven’t, smell the coffee. THIS IS IT!!

At a fraction of the cost of some of Thailand’s supposed world-class retreats, this has to be the most personalized attention there is. And the results speak for themselves. Thank Anosha and Angelika.”

— Fredy B.


A review from AirBnB — Bed & Breakfast

Casa de la Vida, Tepoztlan“I will start off this review with a self-call: I have been using AirBnB since it started and have been blessed by a life of privileged travel due to my own curiosity and the opportunities that have showed up along the way.

Walking into Anosha’s healing sanctuary feels like the first step in a renovation of your spirit. No matter how broken, self-centered, ego-driven, or away from your home frequency you might be when you arrive at the gates of 17 Ocelotzin Road – entering through the green doors with the sun symbol painted on the outside provides a portal to a new reality. As a guest, you have the freedom to choose which direction you’d like to go, and whether you can afford yourself the opportunity to explore new realities. I believe open-minded travel is a path to personal transformation, but Anosha’s ‘Casa De La Vida’ reminded me that stillness and supreme awareness can be achieved by traveling inward. My girlfriend (and travel partner) is a navigator – at home in all areas of the world – but it’s been a long time since we both felt collectively at home like we did in the world that Anosha created as a retreat for those interested in their own human potential. From the hikes to the top of the mountains overlooking Tepoztlan, to the incredibly authentic Temezcal sweat therapy, to the food so fresh your body almost doesn’t know how to handle it, to the Egyptian cotton sheets that bring out your dreams…….everything was first rate and as an AirBnB host myself, gave me both inspiration and aspirations. I feel blessed to know Anosha and believe she represents the original intent of AirBnB, which is to provide individuals the chance to explore the world through the eyes of someone who can give them an experience no standard hotel can ever match. I would recommend this experience to anyone willing to get out of their own way and embark on an adventure.”

— Matt


“Any guest of (Anosha’s) would benefit from staying in her guest house.”

“My most recent trip to Tepoztlán was my first time visiting. I went for the weekend to enjoy the lush environment, relax, and shop the weekend market. I chose Anosha’s guest house because I was so impressed by the food described in her website.

Eating breakfast in her garden was one of the highlights of my trip. She served sweet grapefruit topped with seeds, berries and nuts, a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, and tea made with herbs picked from her organic garden. This was followed by a bowl of muesli covered with fresh squeezed orange juice, seeds (packed with Omega-3 and protien), ground cashews,and finally topped with a variety of fruit. Passion Fruit was served on the side.

In between courses I lounged in a shady hammock and enjoyed the sounds of nature that echoed through the canyon. I took in the view of towering mountains that dominate the horizon. The house was artfully decorated and I found fresh flowers next to my bed, in the kitchen and the living room. It was very clean and open, just like the pictures.

I am a female who was traveling alone. Anosha was very helpful. She arranged for transportation to and from her house, and she had many suggestions on where to eat, walk and shop. We had a memorable time when she accompanied me to dinner. I learned that hosting a healthy and stimulating environment brings her meaning and joy (what a host!). I now consider Anosha a friend and feel that any guest of hers would benefit from staying in her guest house.”

— Allison M.


“5 Days Turned Into 7” — Yoga & Detox

“I just came back from what was to have been a 5 day Detox and Yoga Retreat at Casa de la Vida. It turned out that I couldn’t bear to leave after 5 days and stayed an extra two on a Bed and Breakfast basis.

During that time, Anosha took such good care of me, I accomplished all my goals and had a wonderful time doing it. She gave me delicious foods and juices and teas and I was never hungry. I learned to appreciate new foods like quinoa, chia seeds and delicious soups and salad dressings. There were the most gorgeous salads with exotic lettuces, brought from faraway places and grown in her own garden. I begged Anosha to write a cookbook! All of her food was so beautifully prepared and so delicious.

Even though I have been doing exercises for years, I sometimes lose my motivation and Anosha re-inspired me with her methods, she is very skilled and knowledgeable so I easily placed myself in her hands. It was fun! Even more importantly, I have stayed inspired and have continued doing the exercises at home and have kept off the pounds that I Iost there. The hikes up the nearby mountain allowed wonderful views and the delicious feeling of being in a forest of trees with a little stream of fresh water.

I have read all the other reviews here and can state that I agree with all those comments and they are all still true, so I will not repeat them. This is truly an extraordinary place. The only things that no one has mentioned before and that I loved were the beautiful white cotton sheets, ironed to perfection. I slept like a rock. After all this, I was then taken personally to shop in the stores with the things I was most interested in and shown the favorite restaurants in town.

I am already planning my next trip back so that I stay inspired and also to enjoy once again the beautiful ambiance, relaxing pace, luscious gardens and the delicious food!

If you just want some time “away from it all” to relax in a hammock in a beautiful garden, to hike or enjoy the town of Tepotzlán, this is your spot and if you need even more care, such as Reiki and the Detox, you won’t find a better place. I think it is a very good value as well.”

— Laurel


“Anosha’s home is absolutely lovely.”

“Anosha’s home is absolutely lovely and her recommendations for places to visit were spot-on. Despite the dreary weather, her warm cups of tea and delightful conversation made our quick trip away from the city just what we needed. If we’re ever back, we’ll definitely stay here again.”

— Sarah H.


“Anosha was an incredible host!”

“Anosha was an incredible host! My boyfriend and I enjoyed 4 days at her lovely home in Tepoztlán, and she couldn’t more accomodating — from making us morning breakfast to helping with our flight itinerary and travel times (and everything in between) she was so helpful. Her house is absolutely gorgeous. The bedrooms were perfect, with very comfortable beds and the whole house was clean, inviting, airy and magical. She has gardens, flowers, open light and hammocks. A real treat. She lives near the mountains and in greenery, which creates a real sense of escape and mystic ambiance—perfect for any traveler, city-dweller who wants an escape or simply for someone looking for a great place to stay in Tepozlan. It’s a quick ride to the centro (or a quick down-hill walk) and there is a great hiking trail behind her house about 1 minute away. Anosha has made her home our home and we will definitely be coming back!”

— Lisa B.


“I only wish I was able to stay longer and enjoy the healthy benefits of (Anosha’s) cuisine and lifestyle.”

“Anosha is a lovely and gracious hostess who immediately made me feel at home. She took time out of her day to show me around Tepoztlán- a quick walk or taxi to town. We went for a delicious and authentic meal right in the town square. The best surprise was when I realized she was a reiki master and a nutritionist. She fed me the most amazing fruits and juices and salads and had me buzzing from the fresh deliciousness she grows in her gardens.

She also gave me a treatment which was so connected and healing. Her house is nestled in the mountains, a short walk from a breathtaking hike where you can see the surrounding areas and get a real feel for the landscape. There was a even an old fresh water spring where we stopped off that reminded ma a lot of home. I only wish I was able to stay longer and enjoy the healthy benefits of her cuisine and lifestyle. I would absolutely recommend to anyone who is looking for a peaceful escape and a knowledgeable and friendly host.”

— Brian C.


“We had a great time in this beautiful hidden spot.”

“We had a great time in this beautiful hidden spot. It’s unbelievable how peaceful and quiet… If u imagine that Mexico City is just “around the corner”. Outside of Tepoztlán on the bottom of a beautiful mountain chain located, this place is lovely, quite and pure relaxing. The center of Tepoztlán is easy to reach by a 5 min. Taxi Ride. The Guesthouse is super clean, all nice furnished and has a real good energetic vibe, that we have to say, is the result of the special and warm hospitality which Anosha the owner put in to this place.

The communication how to get there was professional. You can just stay there like in a usual B&B ore explore all the benefits of Anosha’s knowledge about body and soul retreats. The fresh made special fruit and wheat-grass smoothies in the morning were a bless and we enjoyed every minute there. Special thanks for the little pillow for our 2 year old son Camilo and all the warm feelings!!! We felt real welcome. Thank’s to AirBnB that these special spots can be found. We will be back with more time for a LIFE DETOX AND REJUVENATION RETREAT!!!!”

— Robert S.


“Enjoy and revive!”

“I highly recommend Anosha Love´s beautiful place in San Pedro, Tepoztlán. It’s small, cozy, elegant, private, and it is run by Anosha who is a health expert in many issues and tends to you in every single detail giving you the healthiest foods ( many grown by her), excellent and close attention to your particular needs and charges very reasonably. Enjoy and revive!”

— Lorraine K.


“I would like to thank Casa de la Vida and Anosha for one of the best weekends I’ve had in a very long time.”

“I would like to thank Casa de la Vida and Anosha for one of the best weekends I’ve had in a very long time. Can’t think of a better spot for the kind of togetherness my friends and I needed. It was just perfect to share our endless girl talk, reduce stress and relax. Anosha, I really appreciate you pampering the three of us, keeping us healthy, comfy and happy, and sharing your tips and expertise with each one, as well as some wine and thoughts while feeding the campfire to keep it going. It was great, I loved it.”

— MaCarmen


“Being in your house was the best part of the trip.”

“We finally made it home after an eventful journey back. We were stranded in the airport in Houston for almost a day because of bad weather in Dallas, and were happy to make it home. That aside, we want to let you know that we had a fantastic time at your place, we learned a lot and relaxed a lot too. Anjali keeps talking about you and says that being in your house was the best part of the trip for her, she cherished the experience more than being with her best friend in Mexico City, and that is something. She definitely wants to visit you again, and so do we.

Hopefully at some point next year we can come and visit you again, because it really feels as if we would be visiting a very good friend.

We are working on our Kombucha, hopefully we are doing it right, but for now it seems that it is creating a lot of fruit flies, let’s just hope that it’ll work out. We will write a review for you in tripadvisor as soon as we can, and hopefully it will help you get more guests.

Thank you so much for everything you did for us, it made a world of difference in our experience of Tepoztlán, and made our trip one of the best we have ever done.”

— Monica, Murali, Anjali and Daniel


“I highly recommend (Anosha’s) treatments and her Casa de la Vida (House of Life).”

“I felt absolutely happy in Anosha’s house!!! After one week of her treatment I got rid of THREE KILOS AND I LOST ALL MY TUMMY!!! Which seems like a “magic trick”, for with no diet had I achieved such an awesome result. This is because the healing effect of this cleanse is really powerfull.

I did not only lose weight and volume, but I stopped feeling pain and discomfort that I had gotten used to live with after years of trying different methods that didn’t help. Besides, Anosha is extremely generous transmitting her knowledge and takes great care so that one’s stay is pleasant and immensely beneficial. I have come back home with lots of information and motivated to feed and take care of myself in a much better way. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER TREATMENTS AND HER “CASA DE LA VIDA” (“HOUSE OF LIFE”).”

— Lina R.


Elixir of Life Detox & Rejuvenation Retreat

“If challenged to summarize in a single word, the Anosha/Casa de la Vida experience, I would have to say “impeccable”. The splendid setting is a reflection of Anosha’s attention to detail in her approach, her professionalism and her application.

9 days under Anosha’s care was my 70th birthday gift to myself. A Happy Birthday to my liver and over-all well-being. A gift that keeps on giving.”

— Barry R., USA

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