December 26, 2013

What Is Detoxification?

Juice & Veggies at Casa de la Vida, Tepoztlan, MexicoDetoxification is simply a cleansing of body tissues from the accumulation of toxins. In the course of life we accumulate toxins in our body as a result of improper diet, poor circulation, lack of exercise, fatigue, stress, environmental pollution as in the air we breathe; pesticides and other chemicals in food and water, food additives and preservatives in commercially-produced foods and toxic acids that are normal products of cell metabolism. Over time the toxicity gets greater and we get sicker.

Tiredness, lack of energy, frequent colds, sinus problems, poor digestion and poor elimination, constipation, weight gain and weight problems, allergies, skin disorders, high cholesterol, heart problems, liver problems, diabetes ….. Nearly all of our body malfunctions can be traced to toxemia – an accumulation of toxins. The body will naturally repair itself when cleansed of toxins and provided with food rich in essential nutrients, properly digested and absorbed. The aim is to get to the root cause of the problem which in most cases is toxicity and congestion.

How can detoxification help?

Detoxification helps eliminate accumulated toxins from the body, thus helping restore normal functioning of organs, tissues and cells.

There are 7 channels of elimination: Colon, Lungs, Liver, Skin, Kidneys, Blood and Lymph. Detoxification helps improve the functioning of these organs-elimination channels, helping improve digestion, absorption of nutrients, elimination of wastes, improving oxygenation and thus helping regenerate and rejuvenate the body. The results are improved health, renewed energy, normalizing of weight and body function.

Guests will also find that the longer detox packages (Detox and Yoga, and The Elixir of Life) are often effective for weight loss, and are a by-product of these programs. The amount of weight loss naturally depends on the duration of each program.

Detoxification is the Path to Better Health.

“The doctors of the future will give no medicine, but will interest their patients in the care of the human body, in diet and in the prevention of disease” .- Thomas Edison (1847-1931)