Detox & Yoga Wellness Retreat

The Power of Detox & Yoga Combined in an All-Inclusive Wellness Retreat

Yoga at Casa de la Vida, Tepoztlan, MexicoDuring this Detox & Yoga Retreat in Mexico, guests will be able to practice yoga while detoxifying at the same time. We use fresh juices, fruits and a vegetable raw diet to supplement the detoxification process while re-balancing and harmonizing the body and mind. The fresh juices of fruits, vegetables, wheat grass, alfalfa, aloe vera, sprouts and other natural products help cleanse, regenerate and heal the body on a cellular level, strengthening and building the immune system.

Yoga compliments and combines very well with the detoxification regime because the practice of yoga is a discipline as is the process of detoxification. Together they work in synergistic harmony.

Practicing yoga and focusing on deep slow breathing creates more awareness between mind and body. This helps bring stillness, patience, lowering stress and improving immunity while keeping the body and mind supple and fit; oxygenating and alkalizing blood, taking out carbon dioxide and toxins, lowering high blood pressure thus promoting health and well-being.

Yoga and meditation will enable you to hear your own inner wisdom helping you to stay focused on creating health on all levels.

Fresh vegetables and sprouts for Detox & YogaAt Casa de la Vida we use a natural approach to detoxification and rejuvenation. Health is the most important asset we have. Nothing can substitute for optimum health, vitality and energy. Juicing is the ultimate liquid nutritional supplement, a guarantee of life, health, vitality, youth and energy.

During this retreat all juices and raw food are provided (see photo gallery below). We only use freshly-prepared juices of fruits and vegetables, our home-grown wheat grass and aloe vera to help you put the juice back into your life.


Rates (All-Inclusive), including tax.

2 Nights: Single $425 USD | Couples Discount $725 USD I Group Packages: 2 Singles $765 USD, 3 Singles $1150 USD, 4 Singles $1530 USD

For additional night’s pricing up to a 1 week Detox & Yoga Wellness Retreat, please contact us.

Arrival/Check-in time: 1:00 p.m. Departure/Check-out time: 1:00 p.m.

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Included Amenities & Guest Services
  • Accommodation from 1 to 8 nights
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • Juices, fruits and salads/raw food, detoxifying teas, herbs and plants
  • Daily yoga stretches
  • Introduction to the benefits of rebounder/mini-trampoline on the lymphatic and immune systems
  • The uses and benefits of juices, salads and wheat grass for detoxification
  • Talks and guidance on well-being and health
  • Guided walk in the mountains
  • Complimentary bottles of water
  • Fresh flowers
  • Complimentary maid service
  • Free wi-fi
  • Free safe  parking
  • Complimentary use of library and DVDs

*Special Services like Massage, Reiki treatments or Temazcal may be arranged by Casa de la Vida. 

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