November 20, 2014

Bird Seed/Alpiste Benefits and Diabetes

IMAGE OF ALPISTE CANARY SEED in a bottle IMAGE OF ALPISTE MILK IMAGE OF ALPISTE SEEDSThe humble grass that contains seeds known as ALPISTE in Mexico, has been in use as a bird food (hence the name Canary seed), but only recently it has been brought to the attention of scientists as a most potent protein drink that has many health benefits, especially for pancreas, liver and kidneys. When the seeds of alpiste are soaked overnight (8 hours), a load of potent enzymes and antioxidants are released. These enzymes help to restore the function of pancreas –this has a most helpful effect in case of diabetes, as well as being helpful in liver and in kidney diseases, because of its ability to inhibit reproduction of bacteria in the urinary tract. Alpiste has more protein than alfalfa , it is abundant in antioxidants and rich in enzymes-most of all in enzyme Lipase that helps to remove fat from the body.

It is very simple and easy to make:

Soak overnight 5 tablespoons of alpiste in water. In the morning discard the water and place the soaked alpiste in a blender with 1 liter of fresh pure water and blend until a milk consistency is achieved. Then sieve the milk and store in a refrigerator. This gives 3 full glasses of “milk” to be consumed during the day. The milk has a very pleasant mild taste. It is best not to mix with any other food for best results and absorption. It can be enjoyed to give you the very best of health.